Chapter Awards

Chapter Print Publication of the Year

Formerly the Best Chapter Publication Award, the Chapter Print Publication of the Year has been awarded to LACASIST’s newsletter OASIS for 12 years.

Year Publication
1993 LACASIS Chapter Roster
1995 OASIS
1996 OASIS
1998 OASIS Newsletter
1999 OASIS Newsletter
2000 OASIS Newsletter
2001 OASIS, Louisa Verma
2002 OASIS
2003 OASIS
2005 OASIS
2007 OASIS Newsletter, Louisa Verma, Editor
2008 OASIS wiki, Grace Lau, Editor

Chapter Electronic Publication of the Year

Best Chapter Publication Award was established in 1991.

Year Publication
1999 LACASIS Pasadena Mid-Year (
2004 OASIS

Chapter Innovation Award

The purpose of the award is to recognize innovation by a Chapter during the previous year (July-June) that will have a positive impact on future operations, collaborations, or communications within the chapter, of other chapters, or of other units within ASIS&T.

2007 OASIS wiki, Louisa Verma, Editor
2008 business wiki

Chapter Member of the Year

The purpose of this award is to recognize the service of an individual to a particular Chapter. It is given for significant contributions to the membership of the Chapter through participation in and support of its meetings and publications; fund-raising; recruitment; or other significant activities. It is intended that this award recognize contributions at the local level.

Year Member
1994 Roberta Horowitz
1995 Elizabeth Wood
1997 Vivian Hay
1999 Linda Rudell-Betts
2001 Linda McCann
2003 Louisa Toot Verma
2008 Bo-Gay Salvador
2011 Sarah Buchanan