Chapter of the Year

LACASIST has been awarded Chapter of the Year by our parent organization, ASIS, 19 times since 1984. Be a part of this award-winning chapter and help make our programming relevant to you by volunteering.

Year Presiding Chair(s)
1984 Jerry Lieblich
1986 Sandi Killian
1990 Roberta Horowitz
1993 Vivian Hay
1994 Linda Adams
1995 Carolyn Loeffler
1997 Linda Rudell-Betts
1998 Dudee Chiang
1999 Linda McCann
2000 Marianne Afifi
2001 Amy Wallace
2002 Bo-Gay Tong Salvador
2003 Bo-Gay Tong Salvador and Amy Wallace
2004 Linda Heichman
2005 Rachael Clemens
2006 Christina Salazar
2007 Aura Lippincott and Christina Salazar
2008 Aura Lippincott
2010 Grace Lau