March 4 Board Meeting

UPDATE: We will be meeting via Zoom only due to limited attendance in-person.
Another month has passed by! We’re meeting in San Gabriel Valley again. This time at U2 Cafe & BBQ for some Hong Kong style breakfast. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s just spam and eggs, which is good enough for Grace. Agenda below.
We’ll also be using Zoom if you’re not able to join in person.

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December 2016 Board Meeting

We’re meeting virtually for the winter holidays.


  • Recap of the Pre-Holiday Mixer on Nov 30, 2016
    • Meetup topics for 2017
    • What went well?
    • What went wrong?
    • What could we do differently to improve?
  • Sponsoring events:
    • Status and action items for sponsoring World IA Day Los Angeles
    • Status and action items for sponsoring Code4Lib
  • Travel scholarships and McKinley Awards
    • Action items for providing travel scholarships for the IA Summit 2017

November 2016 Board Meeting

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be meeting again at the Pasadena Public Library for our second board meeting for 2016-2017. We hope you can join us.

Last month, we had a heart-to-heart discussion about what LACASIS&T meant to us and why or how we should keep it going. We had a great mix of members who attended including veteran members who have been with the Los Angeles chapter for more than 15 years to recent MLIS graduates.

The meeting is rather small, but let us know if you’ll be attending via Facebook or the form below.

  • Date: Saturday, November 5, 2016
  • Time: 10am – 12 pm or later
  • Location: Pasadena Public Library
  • RSVP via Facebook Event


  • McKinely scholarships
    • Funding
    • Timing
    • Procedures & tasks
  • Board health & membership
    • ID recruitment targets (ASIS&T Lists) with future time commitment
    • Determine methods & action items
    • Can we sponsor a newly appointed librarian’s ASIS&T membership?
    • Bring back monthly board meetings?
  • Visibility & Marketing
    • Sponsoring existing events, sponsoring social events, hosting our own events
      • Include LACASIS&T survey of needs
      • WIADLA17
      • Dim Sum? End of Year Party?
      • LACASIS&T poster session with appetizers and drinks
  • Student Chapters outreach

December 2014 Board Meeting

Our next board meeting will be Thursday, December 18th at noon PST:

Agenda items:

1. Report on last week’s Holiday Party, including student sponsorships. Spoiler alert: it was a blast and here are pictures from the photo booth to prove it:

2. New LACASIS&T website in progress — a few weeks ago, Grace shared a link to the new website she’s developed. Check it out and bring any feedback:

3. New logo design. Grace has also designed several options for a new logo! Make sure to vote here:

4. Updates on January educational event

5. Ideas for future events — let’s do a little brainstorming on types, topics, collaborations, etc., for 2015

6. Any other updates or items to cover?

Feel free to add to the agenda.

November 2014 Virtual Board Meeting

Join our virtual meeting at 4pm on Tues, November 18!

  • Date: Nov. 18, 2014
  • Time: 4pm
  • Location:

Agenda items:

  1. Review of Nov. 12th meet-up — A great success! Insights into what worked, areas to improve, and ideas for future event planning.
  2. Final details of Holiday Party (scheduled for Dec. 11 @ Skirball)
  3. Follow-up on last virtual meeting:
    • a. Have liaisons connected with student groups? What’s the scoop?
    • b. Next steps for January educational event
    • c. Scheduling virtual happy hour(s)
  4. Reminder to tune in at 6pm to SJSU ASIS&T’s event which LACASIS&T is co-sponsoring on technology in museum libraries:
  5. Anything else we should address? Join the meeting and contribute your thoughts!